CS 5340: Advanced Operating Systems

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Course Objectives

Students enrolled in this course will:

To achieve these goals, students shall

Course info

Instructor: Dr. Eric Freudenthal

Course Content

Examinations (in class, closed book, no notes permitted)


Labs must represent individual work and will contribute heavily to your final grade. Our TAs are very effective at detecting plagiarism, which will be reported to the Dean of Students (see section on academic honesty below).

Students are encouraged to discuss requirements of lab assignments, and are encouraged to share evaluation test sets. However, students should prepare their implementations without detailed knowledge of each others' implementations.

Under normal circumstances, labs must be submitted as tarballs (see "man tar") using web-ct. Should there be a problem with web-ct, labs may be submitted as enclosures to email sent to the TA.

Be sure to schedule sufficient time for cleaning up your code, testing, and the writing of documentation. Assignments written in an unprofessional style or lacking clear and useful documentation will suffer severe grading penalties. Students with weak written communication skills may wish to contact the UTEP Teaching & Learning center.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities and Exceptional Circumstances

Individuals with disabilities have the right to equal access and opportunity. Please contact Dr. Freudenthal or the UTEP Office of Disabled Student Services (DSSO) if you have a special circumstance such that an accommodation would be helpful in permitting you to excel or demonstrate mastery of the material covered in this course.

Standards of Conduct and Academic Honesty

Grading Policy

  • Overall course grading: Grades will be determined from

    Lab & exam grades have a large influence on final grade. Quizzes & class participation have a lower influence.

    Class participation: This is a senior-level course, and credit is derived from professionalism exhibited by the questions asked and answers provided by students. "Professional quality" statements are concise, unambiguous, and correctly use technical terminology. Note that professionals who understand a lecture provide answers, and those who are having trouble following a lecture clearly indicate when and how they are confused. Thus, lack of interaction is assumed to indicate disengagement or a lack of understanding. Therefore, it is essential that each student interact verbally in class or in writing using the course email list at least once each week. In addition, class participation credit will be awarded to students whose assistance to others, in manners consistent with class policy, is documented by properly filed assistance reports.

    Expectations of UG/Grad Students

    Both graduate and undergraduate students will may attend this course. Graduate students are expected to demonstrate a higher level of technical competency, analytical maturity, and communication skills than undergraduates as demonstrated by (1) class participation, (2) exams and (3) lab assignments. Some laboratory assignments will have advanced sections that only graduate students will be required to submit.